Monday, January 21, 2008

I want cheesy poofs!!

Yesterday, my roommate and I decided to make brownies. Originally we were going to make them Saturday, but we ran out of time. We got the recipe from the same cookbook that had the beef stir fry recipe. I can't say I was entirely pleased with them. They seemed a little bland at first (so we added the chocolate drizzle on top. That was entirely my roommate).
However, I had another one right after I took the picture and they're more delicious today. The flavours ripened, I think... there's not very many left either, so they were an apparent success.

They're kind of a marble brownie and the dough was way thick. They're really crumbly because of it-- but I think I kind of like it. You know, I'd call it more of a cookie, almost a biscuit (except made by creaming method and not biscuit method, which is sort of similar, but not really). But hey, we don't need catagories, really, as long as things are enjoyed.

Today I made cheese poofs. I got the original idea for the recipe because of Alton Brown. You see, I've got an interview with the South Park guys tomorrow, and they said "bring things that describe who you are, that'll give us an idea of who you are." Of course I'm bringing my art, and my demo reel... but really, what makes me up? It's art and cooking. So I'm also bringing along a page of my cookbook, though it's only in the beginning stages, as well as the cheesy poofs and the recipe for them.

Anyway, the original idea for the recipe was from Alton Brown. His is a loaf though, and I haven't tried it. But I wanted something more like a cheetoh. But more cracker like. Actually, I was going for sort of like a... a cracker biscuit. I thickened the recipe, used less milk, a little butter, oil... and I like it. It tastes like a cheez-it, kind of. It's crunchy, but thick. Next time, I'm gonna add more cheese and salt. But they're a good tasting snack. They need water to go with them-- gone are the days I can devour an entire box of cheezits without a break for water.

I'm quite happy with them. I'm really excited to give it to them -- I was worried about it at first, because I didn't want it to be a bribe... but really, it's a part of who I am. And the best way to show that is by demonstration (and taste testing!)

Though really, who knows if they'll actually eat them.

(They look kind of like chicken tenders though! I feel like they should be more orange!)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Stir Fry!

Last night, one of my roommates and I decided to make dinner. She has a cookbook that her mom gave her for... Christmas, I think? She had her eye on a beef stir fry.
I was really interested in the recipe because it uses Worcestershire Sauce instead of something more traditionally asian (soy sauce? Teriyaki sauce?). But when mixed with the ginger and everything, boy, it was delicious. We ran out of Worcestershire before having quiiite the right amount, but it turned out really good anyway.

Mmm, beefy deliciousness. The sauce is slightly tangy. I think it might be more potent today. And stir-frying in her non stick pan is so much easier in my non-non stick pan.

Also, a... a little while ago, maybe a week or so? My boy and I made Andes Mint pretzels. It was his idea, and I was skeptical at first.... but they turned out really good!

All we did for these was melt down the Andes mints in a double boiler and stick those butter snaps in, stuck them on some plastic wrap in the freezer and voila! We also made some wafers, they were kind of like kit-kats, and a candy cane.

Also, my camera seems to not like to take close up pictures of small things, like these pretzels. It blurs very easily. Sigh. However I'm working on it, so maybe I'll have non blurry small thing pictures in the future.

But I really like them. I think they should be had by all.

Today I'm supposed to be making brownies with my roommate, so be expecting some more posts!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Banana mini muffins for joy!

So I'd been thinking for awhile that I might make a blog just for food. For the recipes that I cook and bake, and special meals out. I mean, I'm obsessed with it enough, it's about time!

I think primarily I'm going to put up pictures and descriptions of what I make. I might start putting up my recipes too as I make them. It seems like fun to me... and a good way to add a little extra something to the internet world.

To start with, I made some mini banana muffins! Very mini! They're like the size of, I dunno, dollar coins. Maybe quarters? They're small, and yummy. I used Alton Brown's banana bread recipe and halved it (because how many mini banana muffins could a girl want?)

Now, I know, I know, Alton says not to use anything than standard muffin tins. But I wanted mini muffins! They turned out real good too... I used a little extra banana, so I had to up the flour an itty bit... but I also like my banana bread moist.

No nuts this time. I didn't have any on me!