Sunday, March 23, 2008

Big Food Update

Hi everybody!
So, I've got quite a bit to post...

I have made quite a few things. I have made poptarts, cheesecake, lasagna, and of course-- dyed eggs! Happy Easter! It's been awhile.

Let's start chronologically, eh?

So, these poptarts are delicious. I used Alton Brown's recipe for poptarts-- which makes QUITE A LOT OF POPTART DOUGH. I mixed in a little vanilla extract. We made three different types: Cinnamon Brown Sugar, Boysenberry, and S'mores. In the picture above, it goes... Brown Sugar Cinnamon, Boysenberry, Brown Sugar Cinnamon, S'mores.

My critique? Makes too many poptarts, haha. These are exactly by Alton's direction and they are humongous. Like the size of my hand. We made smaller ones eventually. The brown sugar cinnamon was good, except I decided next time it needs more struesally filling. It's a little dry, and mild? My favourite was the boysenberry, which was delicious and juicy and I could go for one now. The S'mores was with Nutella and Marshmallows, and while good, does not compete with my yum yum boysenberry.

So, yum!

Next... Stu and I made Lasagna Roll Ups together. We used individual lasagna noodles and stuffed them full of a ricotta cheese mixture (flavoured with nutmeg) a little sauce, and some sauteed pepperoni. As well as mozzarella, of course. We then rolled them up and placed them in a pan with a sauce we made with lots of garlic and onions and italian sausage, and doused the whole thing in cheese. It is SO. SO. SO. Yummy. It made enough for the three of us to have seconds (I'm having mine on Wednesday).

We have a picture of it plated, below.

Then! We also made cheesecakes. I only have a small small springform pan, so we made enough cheesecake base for four cheesecakes. We made one plain with a graham crust, which we topped with stawberries, orange simple syrup, and candied oranges that I had made recently. Then, we also made three other flavours: Peanut Butter and Chocolate (a layer of peanut butter cheesecake and a layer of chocolate chip cheesecake on an oreo crust), Bailey's on an Oreo Crust, and Spice (Nutmeg, Cinnamon, All Spice, Honey, extra Vanilla, on a Graham crust).

Pictures are of the Bailey's and Peanut Butter. I topped the peanut butter one with a chocolate ganache I made out of chocolate chips and sour cream.

Bailey's to the left, peanut butter to the top right. They are so rich and yummy. I have had trouble perfecting the recipe completely, so it needs tweaking, but I will post it. We used a combination of Neufchcheitter Cream Cheese and Ricotta.

I also made chocolate chip cookies and strawberry pie, but those were for South Park Wednesdays and no pictures were taken before they were consumed.

Now, for easter... just a few pictures of our dyed eggs. :)

I'll try to do more sectional posts instead of big catch up ones like this.