Thursday, January 10, 2008

Banana mini muffins for joy!

So I'd been thinking for awhile that I might make a blog just for food. For the recipes that I cook and bake, and special meals out. I mean, I'm obsessed with it enough, it's about time!

I think primarily I'm going to put up pictures and descriptions of what I make. I might start putting up my recipes too as I make them. It seems like fun to me... and a good way to add a little extra something to the internet world.

To start with, I made some mini banana muffins! Very mini! They're like the size of, I dunno, dollar coins. Maybe quarters? They're small, and yummy. I used Alton Brown's banana bread recipe and halved it (because how many mini banana muffins could a girl want?)

Now, I know, I know, Alton says not to use anything than standard muffin tins. But I wanted mini muffins! They turned out real good too... I used a little extra banana, so I had to up the flour an itty bit... but I also like my banana bread moist.

No nuts this time. I didn't have any on me!

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