Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I understand I haven't posted in a long time.

My posts steadily declined after the break up with Jeff, and even more after the break up with Brian. Actually, they more or less stopped.
I have a backsection of just... tons of stupid photos of stupid food I made that I doubt I'll ever post about. Because I don't even remember how I made half of those things. I moved. I got a new boyfriend. I got diagnosed with PTSD, GAD, and Panic Disorder. It's just been too much.

But, on the bright side, yours truly is a full time working animator now. I'm working currently on a show called China, IL, and one of my most recent projects was The Venture Bros.
I actually made some brownies for that screening, but I just gobbled them with everyone else and didn't photograph them.

But I keep thinking I want to get back into it. The biggest problem is finding inspiration. I get envious of some of my friends who can just continue coming up with good ideas. But I just don't have a lot of passion for cooking anymore. Or food. Maybe I do. It's just hard to get the time and feel strongly about it.

But I want to make the oath to start working on this again. There's so much I want to do, I really need to refocus and get myself in gear.

Thank you if any of you still ever read my dumb posts about my dumb delicious food. Please cheer me on in trying to get myself back into gear and living life again. It's been a continuous struggle and I thank everyone for the support.

Here's a picture of an egg sandwich.


phoenix said...

Hmm. So it sounds like a couple of "I'm sorry to hear that" and "*hug*" and "congratulations!" are in order!

So uh...toss those in the appropriate spaces and throw in some extra hugs?

Also, take care, PTSD is nothing to mess with.

Finally, fuck yeah egg sandwich!

amandat said...

*cheer* you can do it!

Dr. Ew Newman said...

Doesn't food heal the soul? I always preach artists having projects at home. You love baking and your are exceptional at it. Bake more goods, then come to more gatherings so I can eat them. Heed my selfish demands! Good to see the blog back and running.

Anonymous said...

Your blog is wonderful - whenever you're ready to post, we'll be here to read :) Stay strong.

- Anonymous guy on the internet