Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hot Chocolate French Toast @ The Griddle

Apparently I'm just going to keep doing reviews of The Griddle here in Los Angeles. You see, last time I went to The Griddle I was lucky enough to get to try one of their Red Velvet Pancakes (I was with my friends and one of them had followed The Griddle on Facebook, and that's how we got the hook up). Yesterday, I went again with my boyfriend for our 6 month anniversary, and got to chat a little bit more with Jodi, the owner. She's doing some pretty awesome projects, and I had recently seen on Facebook that she'd also made this CRAZY Hot Chocolate French Toast. See, I was just going to get another Red Velvet (because, umm, yum), but after talking to her about it I was again lucky enough to try this new creation.

Which is good, because it means I can write about it more on Foodival. I don't really want this to become a restaurant review blog, even though I've done more (okay, so mostly for The Griddle. For some reason) recently... maybe I should make a blog JUST for that. Except I don't really eat out enough (at enough new places) for that to make a lot of sense to me. It's really gotta impress me to be like... yeah! Posting this to Foodival!

That's why The Griddle has made it on here twice and Mataam Fez has made it on here as well. These are some of my favourite places. Once I find more, they will come on here too. Last time I had better photos-- this time my camera was dead, Brian didn't bring his, so these are cell phone images. Not bad, right, for a cell phone that's not an iphone? I do what I can.

Oh, but you wanna know what this tasted like, don't you?

This decadent treat was amazing. The bread (I'm not sure, did she bake it? I should ask...) is very rich and chocolatey, it honestly tastes like Hot Cocoa-- not just... chocolate bread. It's got that... milky chocolatey heated taste. Almost like Swiss Miss, but not processed hot cocoa powder. So this decadently soft and rich bread is-- is cooked, french toast style, I'm guessing in a vanilla batter, but I honestly have no idea. Maybe it's in a chocolate batter, thus the extreme hot cocoaness of it. It's then topped with marshmallows which are flambed for good measure. And some whipped cream. And some powder sugar and cocoa powder.


I definitely could only eat like... a third of it. It was so intense. It's sitting in my fridge now and I kind of want to eat more of it but I'm not sure my stomach can handle it right now. It was rich and sweet and delicious, I didn't feel sugar sick eating it (bready), but I definitely could not eat it all. Love the whipped cream on top too!! I was threatened that if I put syrup on it I'd be kicked out forever-- which, I wouldn't have done anyway. Because I don't put syrup on most things.

I'd say if I had to choose between this and the red velvet pancake again, I'd choose this-- don't get me wrong, I LOVED the Red Velvet Pancake. It was amazing. I will eat more of them. But if I'm in the mood for a decadent morning item, this has got to be it.

My advice to you people is to follow The Griddle on Facebook, see when she's making these amazing off-menu creations, and go try them out.

Oh, and what did Brian get? He got The Golden Ticket. Amazing as always. Very well done!!
Also their coffee rocks my socks off.


/positive review

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