Monday, November 23, 2009

Red Velvet Pancakes -- The Griddle

Alright, I'll admit, these aren't the best photos. I'll also admit that these were taken awhile ago. Also, I didn't make these. The Griddle did. Now, I know by now I'm not the first blogger to post about The Griddle's pancakes-- they're pretty amazing. Nor am I the first blogger to even post about their Red Velvet Pancakes-- a special that they've been bringing back more and more.

However, out of respect to these pancakes, I decided to make a rare post about someone's cooking that wasn't my own.

Oh, The Griddle. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
1 way is coffee, served fresh in a french press.
2 is the bacon, cut thick and fried right.
3 is selection, from breakfast to lunch
4 is.... well, this list could just keep going, so let's cut to the chase and say it's the pancakes.

I used to come here with Jeff, when I did we'd get the Golden Ticket -- Brown sugar bananas, caramel, streusel, walnuts.... sweet, rich, and definitely more than either of us could handle alone.
Another good selection? Barry Yellow -- raspberry lemon. Delicate, but delicious.
Also good is Eyes Wide Open -- chocolate chips... with espresso. Yes, espresso. I got these the day that I also tried the most amazing pancake in the world.


The Red Velvet pancakes.

I feel like more places are following this trend-- Red Velvet is originally a southern thing. I hadn't even heard of Red Velvet until I moved to the South (I also lived in a food bubble). But since I've moved to California they seem to be a staple in most cupcake-cake-restaurant related places. Either that or, hah, NY Cheesecake. You'd think they'd lean towards something that has more Californian flair. For that I have no reason, except maybe after eating a lot of avacados all you want is some sweet, sweet red chocolate with cream cheese frosting.

But yeah, Red Velvet Pancakes. These are completely awesome. The pancakes are huge, the size of my face (or your face, but I don't know how big your face is), sweet though not overly so-- not as sweet as, say, a cupcake. They're lightly sprinkled with powdered sugar... and topped with swirls of cream cheese frosting. When served, they are brown on top-- chocolate pancakes! But once cut into.

Look at that. It's below. The red is so brilliant, so bright.
Serve up with a side of bacon and some french press coffee and you have yourself one of the most fantastic mornings. And maybe, just maybe, a sugar coma. :)

So, if you are ever in Los Angeles. And you ever want something delicious. Go, go and try The Griddle. At least check out there super rocking out menu online. Then go. Come to LA to go-- and also eat a lot of other good food here. It is highly recommended.
By me.
By Kirsten (who got us the Red Velvet pancakes).
By South Park (they go the very last morning on the very last episode of the run, ie seven episodes)
By Los Angeles.
By the Hanson Brothers?

(Sam, Kirsten, Caitlin all enjoy red velvet pancake more than they know how to describe)


phoenix said...

Oh hell - those look so good they should be a controlled substance. I only weep because the place the serves them is so far away from me.

Tell me more about this Eyes Wide Open...are they pancakes or, as it sounds, is it a drink? Sounds droolworthy!

Stephanesia said...

They are, in fact, pancakes! I wish they were a drink-- I could use one right now.
But then it'd just be a glorified mocha, wouldn't it... but so good.

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