Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My episode on FoodNetwork!

I have a lot of posts to make up on, I know.  This is my last week on DJ and the Fro so I'll be catching up after that. :)

But in the meantime, tonight is the episode of Dear Food Network that I'm gonna be on!  Check it out at 9PM!

And in the meantime, you can watch this!


Robert said...

just saw your episode on TV with Alton - very cool!

Anonymous said...

Stephanie food network was extra fun to watch with you on it today, thanks for the energy and the grilling idea

Jeffy said...

I just saw you on FoodNetwork and I just have to say I Love Your Hair!

Stephanesia said...

Thanks everyone! :) I'm glad you enjoyed it, it was very fun cooking with Alton. They cut out a lot of the stuff that I knew, but it was great to meet him. We had a lot of fun talking about movies.

Steven said...

ARGH! I missed it! I will have to watch it online! Congrats!!!!!

Beverly said...

You were so so SO cute! Nick and I watched and squealed the whole time. Oh, and your hair looked awesome.

Majdi said...

You are adorable. That is all.

phoenix said...

Hah! Finding your blog is proof that google knows just about everything.

Just dropping in to say that I saw you on Food Network, thought you were the most charismatic person I've seen on the network who wasn't a host (actually - including some of the hosts) in a long long time, and you're the cutest person ever.

I swear, I said to myself for a good 10 minutes: "Is that a wig? That's a wig. That's not a wig..." Now I have proof! It's not a wig!

David said...

I, too, found your blog after seeing the episode. I have to say a few things. First, I love your hair. To misquote Strong Bad, “You gotta have pink hair”. Second, that moment when Alton started talking science and you had a nerdgasm was absolutely awesome (and cute). I would have reacted in exactly the same way. I’m totally jealous. Third, what movies did you discuss with him? Fourth, do you still have the footage that you shot that day? I think many people would love to see that. Finally, you are almost as awesome as Alton (but definitely more beautiful). Incredible but true!

Stephanesia said...

I don't think you can read this, Mr. David, I usually think nobody comes back and checks these, and I couldn't find an email.

Thanks. >D I wish I were as awesome as Alton. But thank you, that's very kind.

We talked about a lot of movies, horror movies, he told me his favourite (WHICH I'VE FORGOTTEN I'M A HORRIBLE PERSON). I remember him telling me all about it, and I meant to watch it, but then I forgot the name. I kept feeling like it was called the Changeling, but I think Angelina Jolies movie had come out-- but there was a shot where there's this boucning ball that's following this man, and I think it was his daughters and it's all wet and he said it was pretty creepy and psychological.

Mostly we talked about cartoons and the process to make movies and HD footage.

As for the other footage, FoodNetwork/Rock Shrimp owns all that and has all of it, I do not. It's sad, but true.

I did have a nerdgasm, it was true. Haha.

Also, I love strongbad. >D

David said...

Stephanie, you underestimate my geekiness. :) I subscribed to the comments when I posted. And the e-mail’s in my Blogger profile (just click on my name).

I can’t say that that movie sounds familiar. I would have guessed that science-fiction was discussed (for obvious reasons).

Did Food Network ask you to shoot that footage? The episode gave the impression that you were doing it on you own (which contributed to your coolness factor). That would have been interesting to see. Oh well.

Nergasms are the best!

xdeliriumx said...

Stephanie. I just found your blog because I was searching for Alton Brown's Artichoke/Feta/Bacon Won-tons, which I have also made (also have the book as well), and I love it. That is so cool that you got to bake/grill with him. I am sure it was totally awesome. I have subscribed to your RSS. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I just caught a tiny bit of you and Alton Brown on FoodTV (Canada). I admit I am a total sucker for pink hair which is why I stayed tuned to the channel. Well that and Alton Brown.

I was trying to get the damn PVR to free up space so I could record the show but only ended up recording like the last 10 mins. I totally agree with what the other user said about your 'nerdgasm'. LOL. I remember you just about to drool when Alton was getting technical. Soooo kawaii desu ^-^;; I think they just started airing that show/series on June 1/09 here. PINK HAIR RULES!!!! RAAWWRRR!!!

Ok, had to say that. Didn't know Strong Bad had a thing for pink hair. Need to see more Strong Bad to up my geekiness. XD Stay genki!


Anonymous said...

Oh yah, googled you up during the commercials thus how I found your fooddiva site. Cool site. BTW that episode of you aired (I think first airing) June 10/2009.

Being on the foodnetwork can't you have say a little leverage to request a copy of the final broadcast taping even if they have to water mark the whole thing as a 'sample' or something so others that missed your show can see it? BTW you have a Youtube account for your video recording of Alton? Or any other place to see your video recordings?

Rock on Stephanesia-chan


T-Dawg said...

Loved the episode and, even more so, the hair! Don't ever change -- it and yourself.