Friday, March 12, 2010

Adventures in Eggland: Neapolitan Baked Alaska

I'm trying to finish up these posts for the Eggland's Best thing. I did soo many recipes with those eggs (so it felt, to me) so it's been hard... I had a lot of leftover egg whites, after everything, and with those I finished up with this Baked Alaska.

I admit, I had more egg whites left over than I could fit on the baked alaska so I separated them once they were beat up and added some rose water and honey and pink and made little meringues. Which weren't very crispy-- probably because I didn't really look up how to make meringues. But whatever, they taste good!!

But yeah, the baked alaska was sooo goood!! I loved the idea of making it Neapolitan flavor. I had leftover chocolate french toast from my visit to The Griddle. And... and, I'm sorry Jodi, but I couldn't eat it all, so I used it. :x It was still topped with marshmallows when I put the strawberry ice cream on, and then the meringue, and then...

Threw it in the oven to make golden brown and creamy. This is it first removed from the oven-- you can see me in the background putting stuff in the dishrack of my new apartment, yay!!! I baked it on a silicone sheet, because I thought it wouldn't stick-- but for some reason they've been sticking more than they used to. I don't know why, it's silly.

Gotta get that sucker off. It was stuck tight. But I did it, with Brian's help.

I have a lot of pictures for this post, I just had a lot of fun with the camera. Hah. Here's the meringue. I loved how crispy the outside was. I made sure to make it very vanilla-y, because that definitely went with the whole Neapolitan thing. It was soft and tender on the inside, too, which I believe meringue is supposed to be. I haven't had a lot of meringue. (I know, failure). It's all soft and squishy AND crispy. Wowza.

Ok, I don't really know what else to say, I should probably just group these images, especially because I have two more posts to type up. Brian took this while I was digging into the first bite. I made some funny noise at him like "ehwakjerhjwer put the camera down and eat it!"

The strawberry custard/ice cream is beginning to melt out. OH! I know something I wanted to say about this. Whenever I make certain recipes (like my pasta carbonara) I think of the Sims.... because even since the first Sims game they made things like pasta carbonara, baked alaskas, and lobster thermidore. When I first began playing the Sims I had no idea what those things were-- I'd never had carbonara (later, when I was dating Ryan, he introduced it to me, it was his favourite) and until today I'd never had a Baked Alaska. Still haven't had lobster thermidore-- but there's still time. I'm only 24 after all. But it's nice to make things and be reminded of how nerdy I am. It's kind of the same thing sometimes when I have certain Japanese foods. I'll think of glistening Hot Bowls from Slayers or ramen from various things, or often, Final Fantasy VII foods-- which aren't really mentioned.

Look how gooey!! The chocolate french toast was sooo good under this (though a brownie or cake probably would be better. I mean, bread is bread after all. But still, soo tasty). The marshmallow completely melted on top of that, and then covered by the melted strawberry gooeyness. Meringue on top, traps the whole thing in so that it all melts and gets caught and-- and-- okay... I bet you just want to make it for yourself now. Look below!

Neapolitan Baked Alaska

1 chocolate cake, of moderate size (or some chocolate french toast, or something)
1 large scoop of strawberry ice cream

2 egg whites
2 tablespoons sugar
a dash of cream of tartar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

Oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit

Whisk the egg whites in a bowl, add sugar and cream of tartar and some vanilla extract. Beat until stiff peaks form. Layer the strawberry ice cream and meringue on top of the cake/brownie/whatever. Stick it in a preheated oven until baked and melty and freakishly amazing.
Serve immediately.

All gone!!

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