Friday, October 8, 2010

Vicky's Raspberry Chocolate Cake

So... I know it has (again) been ages since I've posted Foodival. A lot of that is because of two posts I have had sitting here in my 'edit posts' for later posting. This one, and another. One is Brian's Pasta Salad-- I wanted him to guest post it, but... he is not much of a blogger. So, I may just get the recipe from him and post it without his input. Take that, boyfriend!! The other is this recipe, a chocolate cake I made for my friend Vicky for her birthday before she left LA to live in NY with her boyfriend (the timeline is more stretched out than that, but eh, whatever. It has happened that way).

The problem is... I can't seem to find the recipe for this cake. I'm not sure how I made it. I kind of don't completely remember it. I feel like it was raspberry cake. Or a chocolate cake. But I think it was a raspberry cake! I believe I made a white cake, added raspberries, added extra flour. Then I made uhh... white chocolate frosting for the inbetween layers. Then I made chocolate mousse or chocolate frosting for the frosting of the cake~

I can't recreate this recipe. I mean, I can now, like today-- but I'd rather do a new post about it.

Still. It was a lovely cake.

The layers of the cake fell a little flat. But it tasted good. I remember I was trying to base it off of the cupcakes at Sprinkle's...
And now I have looked through all my e-mails and all my recipes and all my files and I still have not come up with anything that resembles what may have been links, mashing up recipes, or anything that hinted to how I was trying to make this cake work. I am sorry, blog followers. I am sorry that the only post I have made is about something without a recipe.

Epic fail, Stephanie Simpson. Epic. Fail.

That's okay. I am trying to be better. I put it on my todo list. So, hopefully more blog posts will happen!! You know me, anyway, I like fall cooking better than summer cooking. I guess the break up with Jeff really made it hard for me to Foodival. Food was very connected to me in that relationship so my creativity there has been so-so. But I believe it is coming back. I am excited about pumpkin!

Go go pumpkin!

(Man, I want pumpkin beer and a pumpkin latte so bad right now).

Did I mention this birthday was in Feb? Oya oya.

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phoenix said...

Doesn't matter! Welcome back! :D

And uh..if you do come up with the recipe for that delicious looking cake, share it in a future post, will you? I mean it really does look delicious.