Friday, March 12, 2010

Adventures in Eggland: Dreamsicle Macarons!!

Unlike my Baked Alaska, I have had macarons before, and these are not perfect. However, despite their flaws (not quite crisp enough, didn't grind the almond fine enough, the cream is a little runny, didn't quite form the right foot but they still don't look too bad) they were very tasty. These turned out to taste exactly like I wanted them to-- very dreamsicle esque. They're super sweet, with a rich orangeyness and a strong vanilla flavour. Its not separated like a dreamsicle is, but all melded together, like when you've mixed it somewhat. I dunno, I really liked it. This was after it took me forever to figure out what flavour I wanted to do. At my disposal I have things like chocolate, rose, lavender... more common macaron flavours (though I doubt dreamsicle is uncommon) but I wanted to do this. I thought it'd be tasty. And different.

What's important is that they turned out pretty good, though! I'm happy with them. And they really could have been a big disaster as I was taking a bunch of recipes and converting them to the cup/tablespoon system (instead of grams, I don't have a kitchen scale!!). And also I was using my measuring spoons and kept getting distracted by my kitten and measured my egg whites (which were previously frozen btw) with my 1 1/2 tablespoons measurement instead of my 1 tablespoon measurement, so my recipe below may not be 100% accurate to what I actually made. :x It will probably be better. But whatev'.

Look, I made all the photos and all the cookies! This recipe only made 8. Well, my macarons may have been a bit big-- I got a bit over ambitious when piping (also, my piping bag sucks. I like to sometimes think to myself, when I have money.... alas, I don't think that will ever happen). Anyway. They're really rich and sweet. So... I kind of have to have pieces of them at a time, with tea, that's not sweetened. I gave one to Brian today for him to have at work (yes, I am posting the same day/day after of making them! Gasp!) but I don't know what he thought of it. So I guess we'll find out. I imagine he'll say something like "Oh, it was good, darling! Very sweet. But I loved it-- thank you!" and he'll kiss me on the cheek/forehead or give me a hug. Because that's very like him.

Have I mentioned that he makes me happy?

The colour scheme of these pictures is vaguely the colour scheme of my kitchen. There's this silly yellow tile (that I love) and I'm painting one of the walls robins egg blue. And there's a brown oven and stovetop, and the microwave is red. It doesn't quite fit in, but it works. :)

And I'm done. Enjoy!!

Dreamsicle Honey Macarons

1 cup icing sugar
1 cup almond flour
1 vanilla bean

2 egg whites
3 tablespoons sugar
1 1/2 tablespoons honey

Oven at 390 Degrees Fahrenheit

Grind together the powdered sugar almonds, and vanilla. Grind until fine.
Whisk the egg whites and sugar until stiff. Fold in the almond mixture with spatula, then fold in the honey carefully.

Pipe onto non-stick baking sheets. Let rest for five hours (or until a skin forms). Bake for 8-10 minutes until cracking and forming feet and fantastic. Let cool. While cooling, make the filling!!

3/4 cup butter
2 egg yolks
1/4 teaspoon vanilla paste
2 tablespoons honey
1/4 cup sugar
1 teaspoon pure orange extract
1/2 teaspoon orange marmalade

Combine all ingredients and whip until creamy and fluffy! Spread on one half of a macaron cookie and put the other half on and voila!!

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