Friday, January 15, 2010

Christmas Dinner

Hi all! You guys are seeing bits and pieces of my Christmas dinner--especially because I've kind of been too poor since I've come back to make anything new (it's been suggested to me to make a donation tab, which would be helpful, but I admit I feel bad asking anyone for money ever. Except the California Government. And even that has a twinge of guilt and shame). So here are a few pictures of things that I had. Above, devilled eggs. These are my moms creation, she's made them every year (every holiday) without fail for the last... oh, since I can remember eating. I love these buggers. She puts pickle juice and dijon mustard in them and that makes them all tangy and good. Now whenever I have an egg sandwich it doesn't have enough tang unless it has dijon. Same with devilled eggs, except for the roommate AJ, she makes good ones too.

This is my brother, older brother Chris, I believe, reaching for another egg. I had two halves. I wish I could have eaten more than that-- but between the 6 of us all the eggs disappeared. I think this plate is part of my mom and dad's wedding china. Isn't it pretty? I wonder if people still get wedding china. I love the idea of it, it's so quaint and cute. I'd probably just end up taking photos on it all the time....... but what's the harm in that?

This is the Turkey I made. I have a recipe for it, which... I'll edit this post and add it later. It's basically Alton Brown's recipe, really. My mom made Turkey for Thanksgiving and had a lot leftover in the freezer so she didn't want me to make a lot of Turkey. But she did want to try my version (which she loved, by the way, the Turkey was flavorful, succulent, tender. EVEN THOUGH I forgot to defrost it the night before and had to be archaic and give it a water bath. Sorry Alton, I know, I'm a loser). This method includes a brine and then slow roasting. I like roasting.
I like Turkey. Especially mine (slash Alton's).

This is the stove. In my last post for the Cranberry Pinot Noir sauce I said that I had like, the last 10 minutes to make it before my mom was anxious. This was me multitasking with cranberry sauce, spinach, and gravy. The gravy was weird, but still good in small doses. Inside the oven are rolls (Sarah Lee. Lawl).
Look at those wooden spoons!! Aren't they fantastic? I GREW UP with those. They're my dad's. I kind of want to inherit them someday. They're so great because they're just... rustic, and I haven't found wooden spoons quite as awesome as these sense. Also, be impressed by the electric smooth cooktop. I know gas ranges are, generally, better... and they're all that I use out here in LA because they're all that you can find. However, I'm just... always so amazed to see an electric cooktop when I go home.

Okay, that's enough. I hope all of your holidays were swell and full of fantastic food and fun!

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