Thursday, October 8, 2009

I have updates coming:

I'm in the process of finding a new apartment-- and Jeff and I broke up. Both things have made it hard for me to continue working on Foodival (I have blog posts from when Jeff's dad came to visit, etc, my readers I'm sure can understand the emotion). I will post them as soon as I can settle a little. Maybe tomorrow? Let's hope.

In the meantime, I need some inspiration. Any ideas?


phoenix said...

::hugs:: That's never a good situation to be in. I went through pretty much the exact same situation a few months back, and it's no good. Take care of yourself, okay? That's what's important right now.

That being said, your readers will be here! :D Inspiration...hmm...Do you read FoodPornDaily? Well - not so much "read" as "look at," since every day there's a beautiful photo of something that looks delicious:

I'm also a huge fan of NibbleDish:
All the way back when it was still called "Open Source Food." You might find some inspiration there, too!

Hope that helps, and take care!

Domachie° said...
My daily inspiration.
Otherwise, well, I say you could take a color and try to do a meal related to that color. Or else you choose and ingredient, and off you go :3

Jessica B <3 said...

<3 i am obsessed with tastespotting, i am on it every day.'s great.
hope all is well with you. I love your blog :) *hugs*