Friday, July 3, 2009

Strawberry Lemonade

When Jeff came back from France, before he went to Vegas (I know, so many trips, jeez!), I wanted to win him over and make sure he still <3d me, so I made him a fancy dinner of American food (chicken and dumplings), as well as some strawberry lemonade.

Strawberry lemonade, homemade, is super easy. I made it a little fancy by using a splash of sparkling water on top, and garnishing them with mint leaves and strawberries and rims of sugar.

I think lemonade is all up to the drinker. But for this, I took two or three fresh lemons, squeezed the juice from them and took some zest, and boiled it with some concentrate (like the squeeze lemons or just lemon) juice and about 1/2 pitcher of water with 1/2 of sugar. I strained it for seeds and zest then poured it over ice in a pitcher. It wasn't lemony enough, so I added more lemon. It wasn't sweet enough, so I added more sugar and shook it up.
I blended half a package of strawberries in the blender and poured that in. The lemon taste became dulled, so I added more lemon. I added a touch more sugar just to give it a bit more life--

It was done.

I had to chill it for awhile, and serve it with ice. Topped with sparking water, but it was and is still very good. Very summer.


phoenix said...

It looks like a delicious summer-y drink! Perfect for a hot summer day, and the choice of glass and garnish is really cute actually; it looks really fancy.

I really like the whole mint leaf at the top with the strawberry, it adds some brightness that just wouldn't be there with just the strawberry. I hope the drink was well received! :D

Anonymous said...

Your blog looks delicious. I want to eat the whole thing.
Now all I need is a *certain someone* to cook all these up for me... (not you, the other certain someone.) ;)