Sunday, June 14, 2009

Gnocci Caprese

Sorry for the grainy pictures, but I made this last night and it was so delicious I decided I'd post it. Right now, Jeff is on a cruise so I've been cooking for 1, and trying to eat a bit healthier (sort of), but also easy. I got home kind of late from hanging out with some friends and decided to make this-- quick, easy, tasty!

Gnocci Caprese (basically). It's just boiled packaged gnocci-- and I don't usually post things like this on my foodblog, kind of for the same reason I don't post sandwiches on. To me, you just throw a bunch of ingredients together, it doesn't really seem like doing anything that other people can't do just as easily.

But since it's cheap, since it's easy. I figured, why not share? This is what I do when I'm not making foodblog meals. This is what I do when I'm really busy or tired or alone. I make simple meals-- usually out of pasta.

This is just some gnocci, some mozzarella balls, some basil leaves, some diced tomatoes, and some of those tomatoes were roasted with some balsamic and olive oil and onions. Mix it all together, top it with some parmesan cheese, voila!

And because of that, it's-- it's so quick and delightfully easy, I am not posting a recipe. I just posted the recipe! You can put any amount of anything in, just follow the basic directions and you can make this too!


phoenix said...

Wow - that really is simple! And the photos are fine; give yourself some credit. :)

That being said though, that's really cool. Serves as a good reminder that sometimes the tastiest things are the simplest.

Stephanesia said...

Yeah, very often I do similar things with chicken where I just throw together spices while I season the chicken -- its nothing fancy, it takes like five minutes, but we always enjoy the meal.

And thank you. :)

Matt said...

This looks unbelievably good. My pasta dishes never look that appetizing. Have you ever made homemade pasta?

Stephanesia said...

I have, a very long time ago. I made egg noodles back when I lived in Savannah and I primarily used them for Chicken Noodle Soup. I keep thinking of this time recently that I went out for an anniversary dinner and got this super wide noodle that I really loved (it was ribbon like, I believe it was something like talligate) and I've been thinking of making it at home.
It'd be easier with a pasta maker-- or at least something that makes it flat with more patience than I have. But I'm gonna try to make some soon.

One of my favourites with easy pastas are like... pasta + Parmesan Cheese + Garlic Powder + butter. So don't feel bad. ;)