Monday, January 26, 2009

Food Network: Clafouti

Alright, so I've been bad. I haven't updated in awhile. Honestly, I haven't made a lot-- but I have a few things to update with this week.
Last week, I was quite busy. You see, I sent in a video to Food Network and was chosen to go onto Dear Food Network, which was totally fun. I mean, obviously I know how to cook, but you can always learn something, and that was important to me. I asked (Alton Brown) how to grill baked desserts... well, there was some miscommunication from one person to another, but we grilled a dessert that was amazing anyway-- grilled clafouti. And I learned a lot, and had a LOT of fun, which was the most important thing.

Oh, yes, and spent a day with Alton Brown: ie, my personal hero.

Anywho. I can't post the recipe, because I don't know if I'm allowed (and I'm not exactly sure what it is, I can only guess from what I saw, I don't remember the increments). However, I took two photos of the leftover clafouti I brought home to Jeff. So I will post those, and my picture with Alton.

I will say, however, we cooked it with pears and pineapple and that it was done in a dutch oven. Tune in Memorial Day Weekend to actually watch it, though, because this recipe is worth it, it's delicious.

Oh, and yes, to see my goofy self on TV. I'm insane.

(I am probably the most excited happy person right now. Can you tell?)

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elly said...

Wow, that's so exciting! Congrats on being picked to go. I met Alton very briefly last year and hope to see him again soon at this home show I plan on going to in March. He is totally my hero, too.