Monday, July 28, 2008

Quiche, cherries, boysenberries oh my!

Alright, so I've made quite a few things since I posted last, but I'm so super bad at updating. I blame my job! But it's also just that I forget about things easily.

So, within the last so many months, the things I've taken pictures of and made are cherry cobbler and quiche!!

The cherry cobbler came first. The Boy was working at South Park, so every Wednesday we'd meet up and have yummy desserts, and one of them I made cherry cobbler. It was very... cherry-vanilla. I made sure to use enough vanilla extract to cut into any tartness the cherries had remaining. I know cherry isn't something a lot of people like, so I wanted to make sure everyone would enjoy it -- and they did! EVEN NOT CHERRY LOVERS! I was so proud of myself.

We served it with oodles of whipped cream, still warm. BUT, there were leftovers and those were good all cool like too. The crust was nice and sweet and sugar coated, and the cherries had glazed themselves making it all super sweet and delicious.

A few weeks after that, or maybe months, because time has blurred, Boyfriend and I went to Cheesecake Factory and got some really good foodstuff, and thus leftover were mashed potatoes. I really wanted to make a potato and leek quiche, because I did it last year and it was delicious, but I didn't want to make it exactly the same (last years = chunks of potatoes).

SO! I used the leftover mashed potatoes to make the crust. Inside the quiche were three types of onions; sweet onions, leeks, and shallots as well as Ham. And a lot of cheese, mix of cheeses. Parmesan, I think, and mozzarella, and probably cheddar and other cheeses. The cheeses, I admit, I don't remember as well. So while the potato crust was baking I sauteed the ham, onions, and some herbs (rosemary, thyme, savory). Into the eggs and cheese and all that I had a bit of nutmeg. Mixed it all together, threw some tomatoes on top and threw it in the oven!

It turned out lovely AND delicious. I totally dug the crust, and it made my potato + leek fetish even more delicious with the addition of ham (because the boyfriend loves ham!)

Oo, it was good.

I never really bring it upon myself to make a crisp or a crumble. I picked some Boysenberries. So I might make a fool, or crisp out of them. There aren't enough for a pie, really, and I think they'll go bad before too long (I read 3 day shelf life). So yes, I may do something like that, though I have yet to decide. Today I'm going to mix some of them into my instant oatmeal so it's like boysenberry crumble. ;) That is my lunch.

The boysenberries weren't entirely ripe. It's the last of the season so the pickings were a little bare. But WHAT we got was awesome. We also got olollieberries? So we might make jam out of those! Boyfriend wants to, he seems keen on making jam.

And that's it for now. :) I'm planning on making these things as well as some oatmeal chocolate chip (cowboy) cookies. And chocolate chip cake relatively soon. Hurray!

Signing off for now.

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